Everyone has heard of rites of passage, the ceremony when a young person is on the brink of adulthood. After this ceremony, the initiate emerges as different in the eyes of the community and to themselves than before the event. A wedding falls into that category, why not an unBridling?

UnBride proposes that there are other benchmarks that punctuate the modern life.  Often these are events that live in the shadows.  The things in life that we would never want to happen that actually have happened, an abortion, birth trauma, a divorce. These events fall into the taboo category and have shame and exile as a result.  All these people who have had to come to this painful decision and have dug into the darkness to struggle alone,  if they even had the strength to look back at all.  Ceremonies have a way of acknowledging significant events and putting them in the light to take the time to grieve, understand, and forgive.  It is the opportunity to have it out with your God and be heard that your pursuit of happiness is in within your own dominion.



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