Do I have to be divorced to have this ceremony?

If you are still married and have yet made the decision or commitment to divorce then this ceremony is not suited to your needs.

The original intent of this service was to be exclusively for divorced women in the final throws of paperwork or within five years  of being divorced. But essentially, it is designed for women who have already uprooted their lives and are beginning again.

In this day and age, there are long-term serial monogamous relationships happening without the institution of marriage.  Women deciding to have their children outside the context of marriage. They have none the less fell in love, rearranged their world without ever having their relations recognized within the community they live, as if it is just trivial, or worse a bane to social order.  Dismissed for too long, we need to honor the hidden heroine among us and within us.  Wake us up beyond our privilege!

There are many women coming out of marriages,   in a relationship once more, pretending to be wives. They find themselves in a real pickle because they are only married in their head. These folks need to unbridle their minds yesterday.

They love their partner and leave because their men are not choosing to remarry. Perhaps our male counterparts need to be UnGroomed before they consider tying the knot again.

The only sensible notion is to have a party for them on their way out!                      Unbridle their minds to enjoy their life as it is or be on the hunt for a man                     who respects her fidelity and honors that privilege.

What are the benefits of an unbridling? Is there a goal?

Having an Unbridling ceremony, gives the courage to shovel a lot of crap out of the way from your future life, in a safe yet dramatic way. You might actually come away from the experience saying, “I am actually not a married woman anymore, I can do anything as I see fit to do.”  I find the conversations with the UnBridled lead me to conclusively different outcomes that I could have never imagined prior to the ceremony.

If you have a Barn Raising, it really assembles your team to get through the year. Because the rituals are so involved, each friend plays a vital role as witness and consoler. Each friend often naturally crosses the line from spectator to initiate as rain seeps into the earth. The experience resounds in each woman’s heart and their bonds deepen beyond their knowing.

What is the support offered before and during the Unbridling?

The UnBride guide is designed to prepare the initiate for the ceremony. The writing exercises awaken the child heart to find the authentic self. When journaling you are moving close from your center you become ready to divine and define the goals of your ceremony.

In your UnBride Guide there will be an application that you will send to me to make the appointment for the free 30-minute consultation and to set up your lockbox.  Two weeks later you will have your free 30-minute consultation to answer any of your questions about the process and to tell me of your revelations.

The Unbridling ceremony will be informed by your revelations from your journaling process. There will be a 90 Minute appointment when you check-in on Friday morning before the ceremony commences for me to understand where you are at on this very day.

Is there a contract confirming a mutual understanding and a cancellation policy?

In your UnBride Guide, there will be a contract where we will have written the date and the forum chosen for your UnBridling ceremony.

Two months before the contracted date all applicants will confirm and sign the lockbox to UnBride to put deposits down for the facilities and expenses. If it will be a Barn Raising, checklists will also be sent to our friend volunteers for the tasks they will agree to do.  The last two payments will be paid directly to UnBride one month prior to the ceremony.

If you decided to pay in full, you can go to anyone of the monthly UnBridling Processions. Your Barn Raising can happen, once you have your team assembled and committed to the day of your choice. Personally, I would like to see three weeks of working with your UnBride Guide prior to the ceremony.

The saved money in the lockbox is yours up until two months prior to the ceremony date, if you should change your mind.

Can I bring friends with me?

Absolutely, having friends there to bear witness is critical to taking the change home with you.

Will these rituals conflict with my religious beliefs?

These rituals are non-secular and are designed to build confidence to choose and recommit to your beliefs.

Does the facilitator come to me or do I travel to a retreat center?

There are two options available to the Initiate both for the same fee plus travel costs.

The Unbridling Barn Raising ceremony where there is a sole initiate and she is surrounded by her people. This option requires volunteers that manage food, lodging, props and site prep for the ceremony. Each person will work very closely with me.


The Unbridling Procession where each initiate brings one friend to the Retreat facility. Lodging and catering are managed by the facilitator.

Can the ceremony take place in one day or evening?

Ceremonies by nature take preparation, contemplation, and volition. We take the necessary time for the thoughtful descent, to sleep on things to activate the subconscious process of deep decision making. It cannot be rushed.

What are the fee arrangements for three days of ceremony?

I have given this much consideration because most don’t come out of a divorce with our pockets lined. I believe I have found a solution that is ethical to me.

The initiate agrees to deposit in a lockbox $125 for 12 months with date a year out.                                                                                         $250 for 6 months with date 6 months out.                                                                                      $500 for 3 months with date 3 months out.                                                    $1500 to attend the next scheduled Unbridling Procession retreat.

Two months prior there is a decision to be made- to go through the ceremony as planned or choose to walk off with your saved pile.  Win-win!  We want you to receive the benefit of making a commitment to yourself regardless of whether you see this through to the finish line or have your day in the sun.

When utterly committed to the UnBridling happening, you sign the lockbox to UnBride to book all the arrangements. The last 2 payments are paid directly to UnBride one month before the contracted ceremony date.