Gillian Paolella, chosen name Gila, is a licensed acupuncturist that investigates your personal narrative to inform the crafting of a ceremony to catapult your healing trajectory. The lineage of her training is from the homebirth movement founders Jeanine Parvati Baker and Nan Kohler authors of Hygeia and Artemis speaks. She has worked in hospital settings in 1999 with author of Coyote Medicine and Narrative Medicine Dr. Lewis Mehl-Medrona to incorporate ceremony in the complementary medicine experience.

Gila’s drive for this work is to unite courage, honesty, with physical action. She brings to the table that chance to make a palpable shift in relation to your suffering.  As an acupuncturist, she has seen many women through this transition and has developed many tools for creative introspection for this pivotal time in a person’s life. Let her help you tip the scales in your wheel of fortune and find yourself ready for something fresh and smile-worthy.


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