You’ve made huge strides to arrive here. You have acquired skills for navigating the world by navigating your divorce. If you are still in the in the thick of it, know that there is a finish line beyond the signing of the documents. The getting out of the marriage is often as far as we can usually see on our own. We get consumed by that experience and become afraid of the hole it leaves. We continue to fan flames that could go toward the creative flow of the life you have fought to have.  Welcome to your turning point.

UnBride designs ceremonies to unbridle the mind of a married woman.  The procession takes three days dedicated to ritual reclaiming the notion of soveriegnty in your potent life experience. Your friends will be there to witness you transform your rage into creative kindness as you rekindle your mature understanding of innocence, as any warrior returning from battle. Ceremony stops time for you to get on the bus, the time becomes                NOW! BE AS YOU MEAN TO BE! There is an immediacy built into it. This is your moment,  all things are possible.

So much to look forward to… May I introduce you to the new love of your life? One you can dive into without fear of betrayal or abandonment. One who is willing to hear you and get to the bottom of things. Once your pen hits that paper, love will be your ink.    Sign up for your free E-book The Unbride Guide written to prepare the initiate for the UNBRIDLiNG.






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