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Unbride reframes divorce as a rite of passage and no longer as a midlife crisis requiring recovery.  You’ve made huge strides to arrive here. You have acquired many worldly skills navigating the world by navigating your divorce. This is a time for personal trials that once achieved need to be honored by ritual.

Imagine if it weren’t awkward or taboo to have selected friends and family at your finish line rooting you on to become your next incarnation.   The signing of the documents at the family court is all there is to punctuate this huge life change. Is that enough?

UnBride designs UnBridlings, ceremonies sculpted to unbridle the mind of a once married woman.  A procession takes three days dedicated to ritual reclaiming the notion of soveriegnty in your potent life experience. Your friends will be there to witness your transformation of rage into creative kindness as you rekindle your mature understanding of innocence, as any warrior returning from battle.

Ceremony stops time for you to get on the bus.                                                                        Time becomes  NOW! BE AS YOU MEAN TO BE!                                                                        There is an immediacy built into it.  Welcome to your turning point.

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